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Body Lines...YOUR Life on a Canvas

The best way I know how to describe the pieces are as someone desires to capture a moment, a "piece" of them, I literally take them to the canvas and let the translation begin. Using a pencil, I trace the lines in front of me and then let it flow. Sometimes with a specific ending in mind, but usually just my capturing the moment and letting the color find it's way. 

I've had some explain their love for the Ocean, so there you see Ocean Waves. Some say a Sunset fills their heart with happiness. While others just want to be able to say "That's ME in this painting!"

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When I was watching the Tigers cradle the National Championship trophy after they won in 2017, I was jealous that I couldn't! So I got up, researched all things BCS trophy. On the painting itself, the trophy is exact in size. The Swinney foundation saw the poster version and asked to put it in their silent auction. I was went for $2,000 and an incredible cause.


I did this one after Clemson won their second in two years under Coach Dabo Swinney. And this time, the trophies are life size in the poster.

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Broken Wings Series


Broken Wings, The Original

After painting this piece, it took 2 years for me to let it go. I did this piece as a reminder that I might not be the perfect Angel, that my wings just might be "Broken". I did this piece during a really dark time of my life and after posting it on Facebook, I was asked almost immediately to sell. I eventually did because that season of my life was over and I needed to move on. The overall piece was almost 48" long and 20" wide at it's biggest. I built the frame and placed the individual canvas boards about 1 1/2" apart.

Please forgive the rough's all that has survived from that dark season of my life. It actually makes me happy that this is the "best" pic of them.

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The Original...

image104 it's home personal space. The buyer said seeing it first thing in the morning was special.

The Original, 2


After selling the Original piece, I was asked to do more...many more.

New Season...


My own "next season" version in the Broken Wings Series. 

New Wings...

Healed Up Wings!


48" X 24", 1 1/2" stretched


This could be YOUR space!


Video of My Broken Wings now Healed...New Wings

Star Wars 11"X17" Poster Prints

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Sonnyg Exhibition...

Various Pieces

I often get the question "What do you do?" or "What is your style?" which I reply, of course I have my own style and design look. However, I venture out and do lots of different things just to keep it fresh for me. Most artist would say the very same thing. Below is some examples of different things i've done over the years. If you have something you want me to do, just let me know!

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