"What Lies Beneath"

Find out how Chann Lee's next piece came into existence with the passion of his creative spark. The creative process is a passionate road.

"After Show - After Glow"

Listen to Sonnyg and Chann Lee talk about the INCREDIBLE experience of The Show (live painting) of the last weekend and get caught up over the last months stuff.

"The Show - Live Painting, Intro"

We are going to be painting LIVE on Saturday, September 21st at the Greer, SC City dedication of their NEW Visual / Theatrical Arts Complex. Sonnyg will be painting LIVE at 12:00 Noon! Come check it out!

"Alone In His Creativeness"

I gotta say that this one caught me (Sonnyg) a little off guard. I want this podcast to be a REAL and RAW look into our lives...well, here it is. Alone In His Creativeness speaks directly to Chann Lee's creative process, and life itself.

"Once Upon A Time On The Artcast"

Literally, we ran to the studio to record this one right after seeing Quentin Tarantino's new movie "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood". Chann Lee and Sonnyg invite another Gboy in for this one...Ty Gray. You'll love his energy! It's creative, it's raw, it's Real...it's the Podcast of The art Group of Sonnyg! Go to www.sonnyg.com for a look at the artists work!

"Introductions Please"

It's true, The Art Group is venturing out into the Podcasting world!. Our tag line is "Creative, Raw, Real, Life on a Mic" Podcast of the Art Group of Sonnyg. The title says it all...enjoy.